progress report september 2017

I’m starting off September on schedule having had a good break towards the end of August and a chance to sit down and spend some time thinking about my goals and how I want to pursue them. Since the move to this new place in May I’ve been often wondering what I’m doing (as an overall life ambition) and whether anything is even worth the effort. This leads me to the conclusion that I don’t really know what I want. But that statement is only true for that context: career / life direction. But in fact there are things that I want. They may not be life changing or great upheavals but I do actually want them and therefore I will spend time and effort achieving them.

When I say that it’s all the same thing over and over again, having a stable base and a regular routine are essential to pursuing any ongoing goal such as yoga, strength training and a good diet. If I lived a life where I was travelling a lot for example or moved home every 18 months, it might be exciting and give a sense that something was happening but it wouldn’t give that stability and foundation to act as a platform where I can build the practices that I have. I’ve already noticed how working in Walthamstow has interrupted my routines but I’m going to be taking steps to rearrange some things which may help.

September is now over and I didn’t check in once after setting out my goals. It’s now the 4th of October, so what happened? First of all I was away for the first few days in Geneva visiting a friend which was very nice but put me in a sort of holiday mode for the rest of the month.

  • Samaritans

    Goals: Mentoring, ongoing training, inquiring about shift at CLS.

    I did a few mentoring shifts with my new mentee but since they were away on holiday for two weeks of September there weren’t as many as expected.

  • Typing

    Goals: 2-3 times a week on Type Scout.

    I did achieve this goal and it’s good to feel that I did succeed in that but I don’t feel that I am improving at typing as such. I feel that my level is sort of staying the same or improving so slowly that I don’t notice it. Well, if it is improving slowly then at least it is improving, which is fine with me.

  • Programming

    Goals: Continue with Pragmatic Studio course.

    I got nowhere with the Pragmatic Studio course. I did however have a go at a Data Structures and Algorithms course on a website called Edx but didn’t pursue it very much when I noticed that the example code was all in Java. That didn’t enthuse me in the least.

  • Reading

    Goals: David Copperfield on Kindle. Audio books.

    I haven’t been reading every day but when I have been reading I have been reading a lot, say an hour at least, in order to complete the chapter.

  • Diet

    Goals: Fast on Thursdays, try 16:8, add healthier food.

    I did try the 16:8 but as I have the 5:2 in place already I didn’t really see much point to it. I did add healthier food sporadically but it didn’t even last more than a day really. I seem to go backwards and forwards between trying to eat more healthily to gorging myself on junk food which is so satisfying.

  • Strength

    Goals: Rebuild routine after August lapse.

    This goal went rather well in spite of having to miss my midweek session due to being at the shop. However, on one Wednesday I got home after meeting a friend to have a few beers but then went on to perform my workout routine. I seem to be valuing my training a great deal and therefore need my food and sleep to support it. So even though I can’t seem to find any motivation to pursue them for their own sake what I can do is to use them as means to improve my strength.

  • Cycling

    Goals: Ride / commute 2-3 times a week, try a longer ride.

    It happened towards the end of September but it did happen. After 6-7 week break I got back on my bike. Initially it was illness, then a period of laziness, followed by tendinitis. I treated the tendinitis using methods that I had seen on YouTube, which worked very well indeed. It’s great to be back on my bike. I’m sadly not using my bike to go to the shop though as I always seem to have things (wheels or parts) to carry to and from there.

  • Clutter

    Goals: Sell one item a week on eBay, larger ones.

    I got as far as taking some photos for an item but that was as far as I got. When I moved house I had a real flurry of eBay activity but that seems to have died away. Having moved house I know what I need to discard and I think it would be good to do it sooner rather than later while I remember where I have put things.

  • Yoga

    Goals: Use minute timer, work on backbends, splits, handstands.

    I have been missing a lot of sessions and when I do have a session I don’t use the timer, don’t work specifically on any posture but just seem to follow my intuition.

  • Sleep

    Goals: work towards going to bed by midnight.

    This has sort of been at the back of my mind but then I have been drinking beer this month as I now have a stash of craft beer from the Wild Card Brewery in Walthamstow. Drinking beer allows me to fall asleep very easily but then causes me to wake up too early i.e. doesn’t allow me to sleep in.

  • One-off goals

    Goals: Buy new jeans.

    No new jeans. Need new shoes too. I find clothes buying rather difficult.

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