progress report december 2017

Getting set up in advance this month by looking at my December goals during the final few days of November. I think that some things will be simply carried over but I will use the SMART strategy to make the goal as clear and as specific as possible.

Contrary to my November reporting, my December reporting has been zero. I set my goals in a very specific way and now on the 1st of January 2018 I see that I didn’t track them at all. I came down with a cold on the 2nd of December which sapped my strength and energy and my intentions turned toward resting and not keeping track with my goals. I slept more than usual and of course had a great excuse to watch TV series and play video games. December is also a countdown to xmas and this year was a year when I embraced it rather than shunned it (I often don’t know how I will react to xmas in a particular year until December has arrived).

  • Samaritans

    Goals: just do my shifts

    In spite of being ill I did a couple of peer reviews which were during my regular shift pattern and it was a pleasure and privilege to give a member of my branch the thumbs up in terms of their active listening skills as well as adhering to our policies and procedures. It reiterated why I am a Samaritan listening volunteer and why it is a worthwhile thing to do.

  • Typing

    Goals: Typescout twice a week

    I think that I managed about once a week.

  • Programming

    Goals: complete chapter 3 of Rails Tutorial

    I thought about this a lot and I wrote about it in my morning pages a great deal. But as well as this I also wrote a lot about reviewing my goals throughout December but it didn’t actually happen; I left it later and later until the day was gone.

  • Reading

    Goals: continue with Bleak House, read A Christmas Carol

    I did quite well with this goal especially after hearing that many read Christmas Carol during December. I was also using a method outlined by Tim Ferris on speed reading which motivated me to read more. I’m not interested in increasing my reading speed per se but it was a fun way to engage myself. But my goal is not quantity but quality in that I can enjoy the world that is created by author and their literary mastery.

  • Diet

    Goals: cook veggie dishes to increase intake

    I did some Christmas dinner rehearsals trying out pork belly and sweet potato as well as braised red cabbage but other than that I ate a good amount of junk food such as chips.

  • Strength

    Goals: handstand practice at the weekend

    I did hardly any strength training of any kind. About halfway through the month I was starting to feel that I was ready to start again but after one session I had a bit of relapse with my illness and then abandoned it all till the end of the month.

  • Cycling

    Goals: commute once a week

    I didn’t cycle at all in December.

  • Clutter

    Goals: Sell 2 items on eBay

    I sold nothing on eBay during December.

  • Yoga

    Goals: splits work every home session

    I did keep up my practice but it was short generic sessions in front of the TV and I didn’t really work on the splits mainly because the idea just wasn’t on my mind.

  • Sleep

    Goals: Lights out by 00:30

    I think that on some nights I was just so tired from this cold (which I still have right now, on the 1st of January) that I was in bed by 11pm. But in general I wasn’t really thinking much about a lights out time or bedtime.

  • Walking

    Goals: 10k+ steps twice a week

    This I did. As I haven’t been cycling at all, counting my steps was a good way to keep up some level of fitness even though compared to the amount of cycling that I was doing last year it is miniscule. It was enjoyable to see the green bar in my Pedometer app and the explosion of green animation that it does when you manage to exceed 10k steps.

  • Meditation

    Goals: Sit when I feel the need

    I sat perhaps once or twice but only after my morning pages and at no other time during the day.

  • One-off goals

    Goals: set goals for 2018, review 2017

    Good intentions but that was all. I left and left it until December was at an end.

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