Goals for 2014

There was no official yearplan in 2013 when I decided to go freeform but looking back what I did and what I wanted to do were very similar to past years. For 2014 I initially wanted to do the same but just to gather my thoughts I wrote down a list on paper. To collate the ideas that had been going around my head during December. I put them into my 43things account but thought that it was a poor substitute to my blog, so here I am. I’ve lost touch with how I used to do the yearplan but I’m not going to look back and try and follow any kind of tradition. I’m simply going to list them out and then under each one I’m going to write some details.

All of the goals are ongoing ones. I’m not going to list any one-off goals. The plan is to gradually phase in the amount of time spent on each goal till I reach the target. If I peak too soon there is a danger that it will all be a big change and it may not stick. Making small but steady changes I think will have a more lasting effect. At least, that is the plan. Here’s the list.

  • Strength training
  • Last year I was able to keep up a twice weekly routine fairly well until I wasn’t well in November it should be fairly easy to implement that again this year. A third session will be optional.

  • Healthier diet
  • The plan is very simple: to switch from processed foods to wholefoods. More fruit and veg, more fibre and water. Eating smaller meals. Cutting down on saturated fat, refined sugar and salt. It’s all very easy on paper and when I’ve tried before I’ve succeeded temporarily and then had a massive reaction. Knowing that this is likely to happen again my aim is not to be 100% wholefood but perhaps 80%, which is probably more realistic.

    There are on average 21 meals per week. By changing my current breakfast which is the same every day I can cover 7 of the 21 meals which is already 33%. Then it’s the ‘Fish on Friday’ strategy. Subsitute one meal for the whole food meal but not all of them. Some of them need to remain as treats where I can eat my favourite junk foods.

  • Daily yoga practice
  • I should get on the mat on the days that I teach. What is the minimum? I suppose 15 minutes. But the average seems to be about 40 minutes when I do take the time.

  • Clearing clutter
  • I have a reminder set on my phone every Friday at 9.00 am. So perhaps I’ll just keep it as a weekly thing.

  • Audax
  • My overall goal for the year is to ride lots of calendar events, DIY events and have a go at my first 300km ride. I guess that means two a month and possibly three. I have already marked quite a few rides in the members section as rides that I’d like to do provided I’m not on childcare that weekend.

  • Bike training
  • A long ride, a fast ride and a hilly ride. Ten hours a week inculding commuting rides. At the moment my current minimum is four hours a week. I simply need to add another six.

  • Programming courses
  • Ten hours a week is the goal. The content will be courses that I started in 2013 but did not finish along with my own programming projects arising from the studies.

  • Typing
  • During 2013 there were months where I followed a web typing course. The plan was to keep improving my speed and accuracy in order to get my base level higher than it is now. The exercises took only around 20 minutes so I thought that I could do it every day this year. May be asking too much but I’m going to have a go any way.

  • Reading
  • One book a month. The plan was also to have a reading day but as I’ve taken on so many goals and am devoting many hours to them I’m not sure if I’ll have a full day available each month to take a reading day. This extra one will be optional but it has been really nice when I have done it before.

  • Staying in touch with friends
  • At the start of each month I’ll phone, text, email or skype my friends. They just need to know that I’m still around.

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