Progress and implementation

So how in heaven’s name am I going to achieve all these goals? Vee have vays. I have my methods. Here I am going to make a list of my strategies and they will also be taken up in more depth in the "sort your life out" section. As well as accounting for my methods, I am also going to keep track by writing a progess report at the end of each month. Just a paragraph or so for each goal. Which in turn should help to refine the method for the subsequent month. Is it really worth it?

Of course it is. I want to achieve these things otherwise why would I think about them so fondly. They are pipe dreams that are becoming a reality. Should I take up pipe smoking? Hmmm. Another one to add to the list. But seriously.

Enthusiasm fades. We all know that. The well laid plans of mice and men. The great resolutions of the new year. I always want to do everything in January before the light fades as it were. But the goals are for the whole year and not just for the month of January. Some things won’t even get touched until Feb. And the hundred miles a week? I’m certainly not going to manage it. It’s going to apply only to weeks that I’m in town. When I go away to visit friends or go away on holiday I won’t be here to ride my bike or do any yoga. If I’m not careful my goals could easily turn into chores rather than acts of great delight and pleasure.

So how am I going to do all this? Here are some of my methods.

Methods employed for achieving my goals

  1. Monthly progress report
  2. Celebrating my successes
  3. Week planning
  4. Day planning
  5. Combining activities
  6. Stillness, simplicity and contentment
  7. Being specific and realistic

The monthly progress report

The progress reports will be written as posts in the progress category and links to those posts will be placed in this page. Much easier to find them that way than to use the search field.

January 2007 Progress Report
February 2007 Progress Report
March 2007 Progress Report
April 2007 Progress Report
May 2007 Progress Report
June 2007 Progress Report
July 2007 Progress Report
August 2007 Progress Report
September 2007 Progress Report
October 2007 Progress Report
November 2007 Progress Report
December 2007 Progress Report

Links to the 2008 progress reports can be found in the Goals for 2008 page.

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