Goals for 2008


Using the blog as a tool for achieving my goals has been so successful, that I’m going to continue with it this year, 2008. As the year (2007) has progressed it has been easy to see where I have been doing well and where I’ve been finding things difficult. It has also been easy to see how the enthusiasm has shifted from one point of focus to another.

Collating Ideas towards the end of 2007

I have been making some brief notes on how to develop my goals for 2008 and the idea is very similar to the way in which I plan the week.I will be carrying over some of the goals from 2007 into 2008 and there will also be new ones. The ones that I carry over won’t necessarily be ones that I have failed to achieve. The end of the year is a mere punctuation, rather like a very long week.

Actual time available for tasks and activities

One of the things I have realised is that a year is not a very long time in the same way as a day is never as long as one thinks it is. It’s rather like net earnings: we need to deduct mealtimes and the like. And when we think about a day as a unit of time with respect to achieving certain tasks, we fail to deduct the time required to perform these mandatory duties. For the average person who does not keep servants, a day is made up of a morning, an afternoon and an evening. Each segment comprising perhaps 4 hours.

Principles for devising Year Plan 2008

Bearing this in mind I have thought about the 80/20 principle to try and focus on the things that are really important to me rather than spread myself too thinly. And looking back over the previous year it’s quite easy to see what has been important. I think I’m safe in guessing that they will still be important a few months later on. Here is a list of my brief notes.

  • Trim down the list of goals to the most important
  • Use 80/20 thinking to remove low value goals and activities
  • Use the Outcome Frame to clearly define the goals
  • Night working in order to capitalize on the quiet times
  • To live an uninterrupted life
  • To be clear about the difference between fantasy and reality. What is it that I really want? Try things out and take an evidence based approach.

Some of these points will make a lot more sense when you realise that there is a new baby. I want to give her all the attention that I can and sometimes that will mean neglecting my own wants and needs. I’m more than happy to make that sacrifice, after all I’ve had my time. But unless it’s a particularly demanding baby, there will be ample time to work and to pursue my various interests.

So here is Year Plan 2008

Carried Over:

  • Minimum of a 100 miles per week
  • Bike Rides
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Practice
  • Achievement Log
  • Svenska
  • Typing
  • Pilates
  • Learning PHP
  • Ebay Sales

New This Year:

As with the previous year I will write a progress report at the end of the month so you can see how I’ve been getting on. And I will put a list of links to those reports on this page for easy access. As you can see from the publication date of this page that the plan has only been determined and completed in mid-February and so there was no detailed report for January.

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