Goals for 2010

Plan the year – goals for 2010

The following is a brief summary of yearplan 2010 and it seems that 2010 will officially be starting in February rather than in January as most years do. It has taken me most of January just to catch up and feel ready for a new year and a new set of goals. So here are the ideas.

  • One off projects vs ongoing ones
  • The role of GTD
  • Don’t force anything
  • Saturdays are a day of stepping back
  • More trips and holidays
  • What went well diary
  • Weekly mileage goes to 120
  • Proper bike ride plan
  • Health plan

During 2009 as you will see from the 2009 review there was a lot of stress and panic. Money, my future career and what was I going to do with my life after separating from my wife. One way to deal with these questions was to just continue with my plans and my goals. A bit of structure and routine to help keep on top of things. I continued to use my previous strategies and methods such as planning the week but also discovered GTD or Getting Things Done by David Allen. I didn’t follow his ideas to the letter but did find them to be very influential. So it has become clear that some of my goals are ongoing long term projects such as my mileage quota and other things such as producing an album don’t get dumped necessarily but go into a “someday / maybe” pile. It has been good to file my ideas into the appropriate containers and to just process stuff as it comes.

In order to construct my goals for the year I will use the same method as last year which is to carry over some of last years goals and also to add new ones for this year.

Carried Over

  • Minimum of a hundred and twenty miles a week
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Practice
  • Keeping in touch with friends
  • De-cluttering my life
  • Relaxing and goalless activities

New this year

  • C Programming
  • Health Plan
  • What went well

Methods & strategies

GTD will be playing a bigger role in the achievement of my goals this year but will be integrated with my previous methods.

  • Planning the week will be moved to Saturday instead of Sunday. Saturday is now a day of relaxing and goalless activities but also a day to reflect on my life and plan. It is also the day that I usually do the monthly review. This will continue.
  • I have a motto for this year and it says,”Don’t force anything.” In 2009 meditation made a comeback almost all by itself. By allowing myself to do what I feel like rather than force myself to do what is good for me or what is planned I can tune into my emotions and experience a strong sense of willingness. I want that to come naturally.
  • Using the “Outcome Frame” from NLP to help clarify my true goals and to formulate the steps or “next actions” of a project.

Subsidiary goals of the above

Each of the quite general and ongoing goals have more specific goals inside them. But these are not being listed as goals in themselves. Why not? Because they are a means to an end and not ends in themselves and if they had been listed then it is easy to fall into that trap. For example a subsidiary goal of cycling a hundred and twenty miles per week could be to go to Richmond Park every week. But gradually the focus would shift to that rather than to find ways to complete the distance. Goals for the year have been purposely defined in quite a general way and part of the weekly reflection and planning session is to define more specific objectives. I will of course go into the details in the monthly report.

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