arup designs

website design in london


I listen to your ideas. Some can articulate their ideas well and others cannot. I take notes. I have found that it’s always best to meet rather than discuss ideas over the phone or via e-mail.

Meeting and discussing your ideas gives you time to express them more fully. To draw pictures or show me sites that you like. By meeting you I also get a better idea of you as a person or as a business and how that might come across on your website.


I then create a prototype of your site based on your ideas. I find with nearly all of my clients that they need to see a real site in order to begin the process of designing. And having something concrete gives you a better chance to see if you like the look of it or if the contents are organised in the way you would like. You can also invite your friends to click around and make comments.

In a sense we design the site together. You give me some ideas and I build something. You give me some feedback and I make some changes. Then more changes until the site is how you want it. You could call this the stage where your site evolves into its final state.


Your site goes live. This is the quickest stage of the process. Once you give me the thumbs up I essentially copy the test site onto the live area which rarely takes more than a few hours.

Soon after that most people want some small changes made and some added features. I’m always on hand for help and support once the site is up and running.