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I wanted to develop a school website that the teachers and pupils could manage independently and would grow as our knowledge and understanding of website design developed. Arup worked with us and changed abstract ideas into reality and developed a website that reflected our school. The teachers confidence in updating the website has grown as has the school community's engagement; every week members of our school community talk to me about the website and or information they have seen on it. Arup is still with supporting and guiding us in how to develop the website best, it is a pleasure working with him.

—Georgina Roberts, Deputy head

When I decided in the autumn of 2007 to set up a website for my property rental business I did not know how to go about doing this. Arup Sen was fantastic in helping me with ideas and he created a website which totally reflects the nature of my business. I have had a lot of good feedback from my clients since the launch of the website and wonder how I ever did without it. Arup continues to provide ongoing support and advice which I find invaluable.

—Anneke D'Arcy

We wanted to create a new website that was unique, that reflected the school’s ethos and was user friendly for everyone. Arup made that vision come to life. After just one visit and some outlines of what we wanted to achieve he went off and prepared a draft website for us to see and use. It was amazing and there was very little that we changed to create the published site. He made the whole experience an easy transition and he continues to give support and advice as we add more content and develop the site.

—Mrs Christine Lilley, Headteacher of Swaffield School

I have known Arup for over 5 years and have worked with him in a professional capacity since the very early days of Martner & Mowat. My partner Simon and I were keen to get Arup on board at the earliest opportunity as his digital expertise was invaluable to our organization.

Arup has great insight into user friendliness. He has a knack of digging into technical problems and concepts in order to thoroughly understand them and is a great solution finder, who thankfully speaks a technical language that is accessible, jargon free and never patronizing.

I cannot recommend Arup highly enough. Our clients have always been thrilled with the quality of work Arup has delivered and I greatly appreciate his technical guidance and insight when designing a site.

—Alyson Mowat

Arup really listened to what we wanted for our Lewisham LETS website. He designed a public access area where people can email us with queries or fill in an application form as well as a members only space where our members can add information and photos of themselves and share ideas.

Arup has trained two of us to act as administrators for the site and we now feel confident to carry out the tasks required. Arup responded helpfully when we spotted a couple of small problems and he's done the fine tuning needed to get everything working smoothly.

—Lisa Geary,
Lewisham LETS organiser

Arup designed my website exactly as I wanted it. He has been quick and efficient. He even taught me some code writing so I could change a few things by myself. The maintenance has been very reliable.

—Brigitte Rinner

Arup did my website at the beginning of 2007. It has been absolutely great for my business. Not only has it been more accessible for everybody to find a masseur around my area, but also thanks to its easy and user friendly layout, it is very easy to use and reserve treatments. My client base has grown drastically with the help of his website.

—Carlos Oronoz-Sanz

I felt that Arup was very patient and understanding with me. I am a perfectionist and pinickety, so Arup listened to what I wanted right down to the shade of colour used on my website. He worked to perfect every bit of detail. I am very pleased with the overall result of my website.

—Theresa Cole

I’m so pleased with the website Arup created for me – we sat down and discussed ideas and he came up with exactly what I was after. It was a very painless process, especially after some initial dithering on my part. Arup was always quick to get back to me and was very helpful and efficient – I can thoroughly recommend him to any future virgin web-siters!

—Sarah Evans

Lisa wanted to change the look of her old website and also update it herself. She also wanted to add new features such as podcasting, online payments and an articles section. All of this was achieved using a custom Wordpress template which allows her to add new content at any time.

—site for Lisa Askem

We were delighted with the work that Arup Sen contributed to our website. He contributed in many ways and we were particularly pleased with the shopping cart and training sessions to enable us to manage the website ourselves.

—Angharad Rees

When it came to creating version 4.0 of my wheelbuilding site I followed the same procedure as I would with other clients. As well as trying to push the boundaries of my own learning I also adhered to the actual needs of the site.

—Arup Sen