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Admin Panel Training - Basic

As well as building your website I also provide training in how to update it. Most of my clients would like the ability to update their own websites rather than having to ask me to do it each time. This is obviously very convenient for them but most people lack the necessary skills.

If you need to update your site on a fairly regular basis then I build it using a content management system such as Wordpress. This comes with a user administration panel which makes it relatively easy to edit text, upload photos and rearrange the contents of the site. It's not much harder than writing an e-mail.

The administration panel allows for basic and advanced editing of your website. In a two-hour training session you will have all the basics. None of this requires an understanding of HTML code.

Beyond the basics

Some clients will need more control over the changes made to their website than basic editing allows. I can also provide this type of training. It will require a little more commitment on your part and will take more than one session. You will need to grasp a few concepts and be prepared to do some practice on your own. The test site is available as a training ground so that you don't have to make any big mistakes on your live site.

Larger websites are often kept up to date by more than one person and each of those people have certain levels of permission. The top level admin person can assign these roles and monitor the activity of the others.

Basic Editing (examples)

Advanced Editing (examples)