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Wordpress - blog design and theme development

If you are at all familiar with Wordpress then you will know how powerful and flexible it can be. With a huge community of support new versions of the software are being released every few months. Along with that consider the vast range of themes and plugins that are available and you realise the great potential that Wordpress offers.

But the true flexibility of Wordpress can only be fully realised by someone experienced in its templating system and its structure in general. I have built many sites with Wordpress and have also designed many custom themes. Creating a Wordpress theme or template from scratch can be a daunting prospect and I can take care of it all for you. Not only that, but if you have a theme that just needs a few changes I can do that too.

It’s more than blogging - but you knew that

Wordpress can be developed into any kind of website that could be a very distant relative of a blog. Image galleries, online stores, news portals to name but a few options. The joy for you is the beautiful and highly usable admin panel. This makes it extremely easy for you to add content as often as you like: as easy as writing an e-mail. I provide training too.

What I can do